The Walemera is about the story of Steven Tongole (a Malawian) and his passion and calling to respond to a situation of need in his community in Malawi, in the area of Walemera. Steven, an orphan himself, was touched by the situation in Walemera where many orphans live difficult circumstances and surviving from people in the community who provide food and clothes. This means important needs such as educations and care to relief the plight of these orphans is dependent on a community with little or no resources to sustain this support. This may result in future even more desperate situation when these orphans become young struggling youths and adults demanding even more charity without contributing to improve the situation.

We stand today before you not to request money, grants or charity or is it a call to action but simply serves the purpose to tell you the storey and invite you to allow for God to show you how you can become part of this storey of spreading His gospel. If you want to become part of the storey, you simply need to allow it to happen and you will know what to do or how you can contribute. It is not for us to ask or suggest to you what to do. This is how it happened with us when Steven told his storey. Steven didn't ask for help or money or charity the call to action simply happened because it was meant to be and where it will end and what will become of it is in His hands.

Walemera Project is the latest project being registered with Helderberg Uitreik. Likewise, a project is registered at St Michael's Anglican Church in Walemera, Malawi. Father Allan Barnabas Simba (now the Canon of the Church) as the project leader there and a full committee of the congregation was established to start the work there. Walemera project is not the initiative of a person nor that persons’ moment of glory nor recognition of the person of being a contributing member of a congregation of a church. It is for those who partake, a blessing and privilege to be applied to spread His gospel even though the persons in this story may consider them the unlikely one, judging from their own credentials.

The plan for the rest of the year is:
• Establish and mobilize project teams
• Gather the orphans and identify resources
• Establish sub-projects for funding of Walemera Project
- Plant cuttings and sales.
- Small- farmer activities (chickens, fishing, sugar cane, ducks, pigeons (eggs).
- Maize and rice millings.
• Planning and Preparation for construction work of nursery school and facilities
- Stand, approval and plans
- Building contractors
- Material
- Support of building

Please communicate back whether it is to take action, offer support, contribute or just to continue to receive information on this outreach project.

Steven Phiri Tongole
Cel: +27 62 035 9217
email: Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.

Projec leader: Roelof Louw