'n Passie vir God

en 'n hart vir mense en 'n wêreld in nood

Stagecoach classes at Helderberg Gemeente
What is it: classes in singing, dance and drama for children 4-18 years old
When: Saturday mornings in school term time
Times: Early stages 4-7-years old - 9:00 to 10.30
Main school: 7-18 years old 9:30am to 12.30
Contact: Melanie on 07413 79674 or email Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees. Stagecoach Somerset West is part of a network of over 600 schools around the world. The Stagecoach group has been operating around the world for the past twenty-five years, and has a proven track record fro working effectively and safely with children.  Each child participates in one hour of singing, one hour of dance and one hour of drama with professional teachers, in a class size of no more than 15 per class. Children are organized by age in three different learning groups. All children participate in all three disciplines to give them a well-rounded exposure to the performing arts.  We do not audition for places; boys and girls are placed on a first-come first-served basis, and a deposit secures the place. Stagecoach teaching is inclusive, which means that experienced children learn alongside the shy introverts, and they are all stretched to their full potential. We offer an environment where children can build up their confidence and self-esteem in manageable amounts, and we encourage them to try out their skills at school and in the community, if they wish to add to their experience. We hold a Showcase once a year, to which parents are invited. The Showcase demonstrates typical class work. Another event, our presentation, is a mini 'show', where lead roles are shared and children get a chance to experience playing front of an invited, non-paying audience (friends and family). Twice a year each child receives a written report of their progress. For more information or to register online, see www.stagecoachschools.co.za or contact Melanie on 07413 79674 or at Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.